Photography and Filming

Photography and Filming

Check with member - Suisun City (California) - September 22, 2013

I am by no regards a professional here but I have learned a lot in my course of shooting for Adywan's Empire Strikes Back Revisited. I have a general eye for photograph with my Nikon D90 DSLR with a variety of lenses. I also have a Sony HVR Z1 which shot elements for Adywan's ESB:R. Would consider c...

social work community projects

Check with member - () - September 24, 2013

I can help with community organization projects through email or through consult. Have done three town community projects. Conduct needs assessment and community building.

Dentist to remove wisdom teeth.

Dentist to remove wisdom teeth.

Check with member - San Francisco (California) - October 6, 2013

Just wondering if people had recommendations for this which are cheap and decent. I need my 3rd molars removed. Anything else I'll deal with as it comes. =D

Web Design Promotion

Check with member - San Francisco () - October 7, 2013

Offering web design services at a great discount.I know a network of individuals building a web design portfolio.Be the first to get a web design of your very own.

Super Bowl Tickets

Check with member - San Jose () - January 17, 2014

Who's got the hookup on Super Bowl tickets?Want to see what is triggered out there on the interwebs.

Star Wars

Star Wars

Free - Suisun City (California) - July 15, 2013

Give me enough time and I can get almost anything made by LFL (usually for the lowest $ possible. Although now that they are owned by Disney expect everything to be at a premium oO). The level of mastery I have with general knowledge and such rivals wookieepedia. Ask anything! ^^ (Warning: if you as...

Costuming and Cosplaying Star Wars

Costuming and Cosplaying Star Wars

Free - San Francisco (California) - September 14, 2013

I like to say I am by far no expert but I do have experience and contacts who are. I am always happy to steer people in the right direction or help however I can. I guess my main qualification is being the 2nd Unit Director for Adywan's Revisited and designing the overall costume elements for our Ho...

Wireless Networking - Do you know what a CAPWAP is? I do!

Free - San Francisco (San Francisco Bay Area) - September 19, 2013

I work for a major wireless networking solutions provider. As such, I have extremely extensive training in the setup, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of wireless networks (including routers and AP's as well as peripherals like wireless printers), and I'm willing to help anyone that n...

Kids toys and clothes

Free - San Jose (California) - September 23, 2013

I am offering gently used children's toys, and some girl clothing (infant to 18 month sizes).Will provide photos and other information upon request.Would prefer to part with the entire lot as a whole. May consider parsing out items.

Very sweet 1yo dog up for adoption!

Very sweet 1yo dog up for adoption!

Free - San Martin (California) - February 13, 2014

Does anyone or anyone you know looking to adopt a dog? Here is a very sweet one that needs a home. Please forward to anyone who maybe interested: Lovable energetic 1yr male old golden retriever/ German shepherd mix in need of his forever home. His parent due to long term illness is no longer able to...